The best website design companies in Uganda

As a novice user, it can be challenging to find a reliable company to entrust with your highly valued website design job. Our quality assurance team has been working with various website design companies to establish the best choices for you. We list the top 4 trusted companies we have known to deliver quality website design at the most affordable pricing in Uganda.

  1. Othware

Othware focuses on high quality affordable website design solutions delivered in the shortest time possible. The company has worked on several website projects for Government parastatals, Non Government Organizations, private businesses, churches, schools among others in and outside Uganda. Our quality assurance team will give you a go ahead in working with this team of website designers.

Othware is a leading website design company in Uganda offering quality website design, SEO and hosting services. With over 6 years of experience serving quality web design services in Uganda, our website designers have mastered development of custom tailored responsive websites with an engaging experience intended to turn your website visitors into actual clients. Is it WordPress, Joomla, landing page or a custom developed web application? We have done it all. We focus on the latest industry best practices for all of our solutions with high security consciousness.

2. LwegaTech

Lwegatech limited is a registered company in Uganda with fully qualified IT professionals who have been in different information technology (IT) sectors in and out of Uganda. Our quality assurance team recommends this company for website design. We the exception of high pricing packages, Lwegatech delivers good websites.

According to, the company was started July 15th 2008 to meet the growing demand of quality and professional online products and services. And also provide fully customized network management support services to Ugandans and world in general.

Let Lwegatech help you tell your story on the web. A website is an integral part of your business strategy, your brand identification, your stakeholders and in many cases, it is the business itself. It is important that you get it right the first time and partner with a firm that can deliver!

3. Webpinner

Webpinner is a recent addition to our portfolio of good website design companies in Uganda. The company is located at Makerere hill road, Kampala. According to, “We take a human-centered approach to design and digital. By understanding your customers at a deeper level: their wants, needs and perceptions – we are able to create more effective websites and campaign”. Webpinner offers portfolio of different web related services including digital marketing, website hosting and software development. From our most recent market survey, we recommend webpinner for website design services in Uganda.

4. Sadja WebSolutions

We have known Sadja web solutions for over 4 years as quality website design company in Uganda. Sadja WebSolutions is a good Digital Marketing Agencies in Africa. With our headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, and with affiliate offices in Congo, India, and China, we provide professional services in Digital Marketing, Website Design and Development, Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration, Web Security, video productiongraphics design, and software, mobile and web app development. Sadja’s clients range from large corporations to SMEs and start-ups.