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Looking to leverage Azure Cloud Services for your business? Othware is here to make it happen. As a leading provider of Azure cloud services in Uganda, we offer a wide range of solutions designed to help you succeed in the cloud.

Azure, with its vast array of over 200 cloud products and services, provides a flexible and scalable platform for building, running, and managing applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge.

At Othware, we understand the complexities of this ecosystem and have the expertise to guide you through it.

Othware and Azure Partnership

As a trusted Microsoft Azure partner, Othware brings you a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering top-notch Azure cloud services in Uganda.

Our partnership allows us to provide you with expert advisory services, seamless migration support, efficient cloud implementation, modernization of legacy systems, reliable managed cloud services, and comprehensive consultancy.

With a proven track record of over 7 years in the cloud industry, including extensive expertise in Azure, we have built a solid reputation as a trusted partner in helping businesses shift their workloads to the cloud.

Our team of certified cloud engineers is equipped with the skills and knowledge to architect your cloud platform, seamlessly migrate your applications and data centers to Azure, optimize and transform your cloud architecture, and handle the ongoing management of your Azure environment.

Years experience


Years experience
Certified Cloud Engineers


Certified Cloud Engineers
Client Satisfaction Rate


Client Satisfaction Rate



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Our Azure Services Include


    Our Azure experts provide strategic guidance and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your cloud architecture, migration strategies, and optimizing Azure resources.


    With our DevOps Operations, we ensure a smooth transition of your applications, data, and infrastructure to Azure, minimizing downtime and maximizing the benefits of the cloud. 


    Our team assists in designing and implementing robust and scalable Azure solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.


    We help modernize your existing applications and systems by leveraging Azure’s cutting-edge technologies, enabling enhanced functionality, scalability, and agility.


    Leave the management and maintenance of your Azure environment to us. Our team handles routine tasks, monitoring, security, and performance optimization, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


    We offer in-depth consultancy services, working closely with your team to understand your business goals and devise customized Azure strategies that align with your vision.

Why Azure?

Experience the Powerful Benefits of Azure with Othware

  • Scalability

    Azure offers unmatched scalability, allowing you to dynamically adjust your resources to meet changing demands. Scale up or down effortlessly, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.

  • Integration and Hybrid Capabilities

    Azure seamlessly integrates with existing on-premises systems, enabling hybrid cloud solutions that combine the benefits of both cloud and on-premises environments. Achieve greater flexibility and leverage existing investments.

  • Reliability and Security

    Azure boasts a robust infrastructure, ensuring high availability and reliability for your applications and data. Benefit from industry-leading security measures, including data encryption, threat detection, and compliance certifications.

  • Global Reach

    With Azure’s vast global network of data centers, you can easily deploy your applications and services in multiple regions, ensuring low-latency access for your users worldwide.

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The most striking advantage of this service was the minimum downtime involved in the process of transferring workloads from our on-Premise servers to AWS. The Othware cloud engineers handled this perfectly.
Rodrick Kayongo. - Manager at Finnax
Azure Cloud Service Pricing Model

Pay as you go

With Azure, you have the power of pay-as-you-go pricing at your fingertips. This means you only pay for the individual services you use, for as long as you use them, without any long-term commitments or complex licensing agreements.

At Othware, we fully embrace Azure’s pay-as-you-go approach and offer our services based on this flexible pricing model. Our goal is to provide you with cost-efficient solutions that align with your specific business requirements.

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