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The Media, Entertainment and Broadcasting industry involves TV, Radio, Print, Music and Film. The industry is witnessing an exponential growth in digital and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. The user demand for exclusive digital content continues to grow at an tremendous rate powered by the rise in disruptive technologies like mobility, social media etc.

The industry is facing a lot of challenges including plagiarism, intellectual property rights, high demand for personalized content, customers retention, cyber security, developing effective monetization strategies among others. For each challenge we develop client centered tailor made digital solutions characterized by your market. We present the various challenges as opportunities to your business.

We have come along way partnering with media & entertainment companies, art associations, content distributors and government to streamline the content value chain, optimize critical creativity and business processes, monitor content distribution and apply design thinking to innovative solutions.


Customized Media & Entertainment Solutions

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    Streaming Solutions

    Easily reach your users on live streaming apps with advanced features, use friendly interfaces and a whole new world of an experience on multiple channels.

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    Broadcast Monitoring

    Verify transmissions of ads and content according to your contracts with broadcasters. Analyze ad effectiveness and detect when and where your content is being used from instantly.

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    Content Management & Distribution

    A global audience is an opportunity today. We work with global partners and vendors (B2B & B2C) on deadlines to reach global markets with different languages & content formats.

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    Entertainment Platforms

    We develop sessional OTT platforms. Live in the hearts of your users by never letting them miss on their favorite programs

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    Game Development

    We develop advanced mobile and desktop game applications that use 3D animation and support high-end technology solutions such as AR/VR

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    Custom Media and Entertainment IT Solutions

    Are you looking for custom solutions for media, theatre, studio or music business like management software, analytics, cloud, mobile applications etc.

Special Benefits

Turn challenges into opportunities

  • Streamline Business Process

    With our media and entertainment technology solutions, you have the power to customize your products, deliver efficiently, reach more consumers and give personalized experience to them.

  • Compliant Solutions

    We provision you with regulation compliant solutions that save you from unintended laws suits. Its a world full of opportunists.

  • Multi-channel Approach

    We think broad and thus adopt a multi-channel approach. We help you thrive on leading mobile and web platforms including, Android, iOS, and others.

  • Leverage our experience

    We address clients challenges by combining deep experience with strong IT solutions like business process management, product & infrastructure management and project management.


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Data transformation

    Accelerate “Data-to-Insight-to-Action” cycle, by consuming offerings like Data-as-a-Service and Reporting-as-a-Service.

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    Digital enablement

    Drive key business outcomes, using the full service digital stack – Mosaic, Digital Jedis, and human-centered design experience.

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    Innovation partnership

    Adopt a collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging innovation labs, future financial ecosystems, alliances & partners.


Leading the evolution of the industry

The media and entertainment industry has many unique sets of processes. With the drastic evolution of technology, the processes around the industry have become increasingly complex. Let us turn all the complexities and challenges your facing into more opportunities for your excellence.

Media & Entertainment
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