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Java Application Development Services

Developed in 1995, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use today. Java is an open-source object oriented platform independent language with syntax similar to C and C++, but with more advanced features and libraries.

Today, Java is used to build robust, scalable, portable, secure and distributed full-fledged applications from games, IOT systems, desktop applications, mobile applications and websites to client-server networks and Big Data technology among others. Most major business applications like Gmail, fintech apps, web banking apps, Spotify, Twitter among others are developed using Java due to its robust security features.

Othware has a large team of highly experienced senior Java developers to help you build desktop, mobile, enterprise, scientific, web-based, cloud-based, and gaming applications. If your short of Java developers in your team, our augmentation or outsourcing services will come handy.

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Development Services

Our Suite of Java Development Solutions

  • Web Application Development

    Building secure, resilient, high-performing applications that provide functionality via internet or intranet.

  • Java Cloud App Development

    Building cloud-native, SaaS and serverless apps that efficiently employ cloud features (elasticity, scalability, etc.) and services.

  • Java Desktop and Mobile

    Get high performance mobile or desktop applications built on Java. Our experienced team can develop IOT embedded systems for you too.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Are you short of inhouse Java developers for your project? Get highly experienced developers who will perfectly integrate in your team.

  • Dedicated Java Team

    We can provide your company with a dedicated team of Java developers who will manage the whole process of developing your application.

  • Java Project Outsourcing

    Our developer teams handle every aspect of managing your project. Learn more about our developer outsourcing services here


Why use Java for your project

  • Scalability

    One of the main reasons that led to the widespread adoption of Java is its capacity to deliver easy and reliable scalability. This means that Java provides a reliable structure on which an app can build and grow without issues. What’s more, Java allows for vertical or horizontal scalability.

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

    Thanks to Java’s OOP, app developers can build software and applications reusing modules that communicate with each other, as opposed to having to rewrite code. This eventually leads to higher productivity rates and lower costs.

  • Security

    A key differential of Java applications is the high level of security provided at all stages of development. A variety of security policies can be implemented to authenticate and prevent the threat of a system crash while strengthening the entire application.

  • Platform Independent

    Java offers a very effective boon to its users by providing the feature of platform independence that is Write Once Run Anywhere(WORA) feature.
    The compiled code, i.e. the byte code of java is platform-independent and can run on any machine irrespective of the operating system.

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Java App Development Prices

Flexible Accommodative Pricing

Java Application development service pricing like other Software development services are normally determined by the amount of time and tasks needed to accomplish your project. The total price is calculated per hour spend plus any other additional costs where necessary.

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