PHP Development Services

Website and API Development Services

PHP Development Services

Othware is one of the leading Website development companies offering top notch PHP development services in Uganda. We provide custom PHP website and API development services with proven deployment techniques that create transformational results for your business. Our team of experienced developers shall deliver the best PHP web application or API using the best industry techniques, practices and trends. PHP has become a popular server-side scripting languages for creating websites due to its faster turn-around time, enhanced security, and affordability.

Grab yourself a fully bespoke web solution or customise an existing PHP web application. Deal with a professional PHP web application development company for any of your business ERP systems, API implementation, CMS, Management Information Systems, CRM and other custom web application. Get a custom solution for your WordPress theme or plugin and other PHP CMS application.

Custom PHP Development Services

We help organizations leverage the strength of PHP development in continuously augmenting web application capabilities and building experiences that delight customers. Our team of experts are highly knowledgeable in various PHP frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter.

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Development Services

Our Suite of PHP Development Solutions

  • PHP Website Development

    Get your highly secure PHP web solution from our experienced team of developers at a reasonable cost. 

  • Custom PHP Services

    Customize your existing PHP developed website or application, integrate other third party services like payments, APIs or databases rapidly and securely.

  • CMS Development

    We develop custom management system applications for your business / industry and offer customisation or extending functionality for existing CMS applications like WordPress and Drupal

  • PHP Framework Development

    Develop your application with the best PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter or Laravel. Our team constitutes of full stack developers, backend developer and frontend developers that will deliver the best solution for you business.

  • API Development and Integration Services

    We can extend and improve the functionality of your PHP web application with new and existing third-party systems, devices and platforms using APIs.

  • PHP Consultancy

    Our PHP development consultancy services include DevOps services, cloud solutions, app maintenance & migration, PHP developer recruitment, PHP team augmentation services among others.


Why choose us

  • Experience

    Our team has a combined experienced of 45+ years in developing and customising PHP website applications. We have worked with different startups, medium and large businesses in ensuring we deliver the most optimal customer oriented solution to our clients.

  • Performance

    Everything solution we develop is fully built in-house. starting from the planning, implementation to the project testing stage, we ensure that the best coding practices and techniques have been used to harness the best application performance.

  • Affordable

    Don’t break the bank for our PHP website application services. Get the best software application, a team with the best ideas, and award winning ongoing support. Your welcome to join our services. Request a free consultative session or get free quotation today.

  • Fast Delivery

    Our approach entails use of the best processes, tools, hand picked team and equipment to ensure we don’t sit on your precious work for too long. We deploy agile methods in our software development service approach. High level expertise and a number of solution accelerators enable fast product rollout, quick customizations, and smooth delivery.

PHP Developer Prices

Flexible Accommodative Pricing

Custom PHP development service pricing like other Software development services are normally determined by the amount of time needed to accomplish your project. The total price is calculated per hour spend plus any other additional costs where necessary.

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