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Creating a website in Uganda

Creating a website in Uganda is synonymous to designing a website in Uganda. The ever-evolving revolutionary shift in the digital world impresses upon the need to have an eye catchy presence online in the digital arena. In our last blog post, we gave you an estimate of the cost of designing a website in Uganda.

The process of creating a website in Uganda starts with choosing a reliable website design company or choosing to do it yourself. We have a list of the best 4 website design companies in Uganda you can work with.

In this article we shall focus on helping you do it yourself.

It’s important to know what you want detailed in form of requirements before you proceed to start working on your website. Here are some of the important requirements to note:

  • Identifying your target users
  • Making your website mobile view a priority
  • Including various ways to contact you
  • Improving your visual brand with quality graphic works and a logo
  • Structuring your site for scalability and growth
  • Efficient way of communicating with your customers
  • Selecting the right content management system
  • Balancing your budget
  • Integrating your social media

When you have a complete list of all the above requirements ready, here are the 4 steps in helping you start your work.

  1. Choose a favorable method

Option 1: You can buy or download a free HTML5 template to get started. This requires some technical website design skills. You can choose a Udemy course on website design to get yourself ready in about 1-2 months if your not well versed with website design.

Option 2: You install a favorable content management system on your pc and get started. Some of the popular CMS software available include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. Most CMS software are free and open source. Download a copy of the latest wordpress here. The use of a CMS requires technical skill although this is a little easier than option 1.

Option 3: Find a visual website builder. There are a couple of free online visual website builders you can use to get yourself website ready. Generally most website hosts provide a free website builder to their clients. Find out from your host if they provide any! The use of a visual website builder is generally the easiest of all the three methods we mentioned above.

2. Choose a Hosting Service Provide

If you successfully achieved your eye catching website from any of the above methods, proceed to export your website files and you research for a competent host to entrust with running your website online. has been one our notable hosting partners. Feel free to checkout some of their hosting packages here. If you successfully uploaded your website to the hosting, congratulations on creating your first website.


The processes generally involved including website design, hosting and SEO. At Othware we create, high quality website projects for clients from various industries including eCommerce, CMS, Web applications and more. We are highly passionate on delivering professional high quality websites to all our clients. Feel free to reach us for a free consultation today.