Africa’s Pioneer P2P lender Afroteller made a promising sharp market entry into Uganda. As a the first Peer to Peer lending platform in Uganda, Afroteller’s shall thrive on their ability to innovate and adapt to their new market. To that end, Afroteller was seeking an easy to use, secure and efficient Peer to Peer lending system to kick start it’s operations in Uganda.

Afroteller Limited
Client Industry:
Financial Technology
Services Offered:
Software Development, Cloud Services and IT Consultancy
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As Chief Technical Officer at Afroteller, Amulen’s task was to conceptualize and find a secure  and easy to use web and mobile application.

“Our aim at Afroteller was to develop a mobile, USSD and web application that’s easy to use, customer centered and secure. With a large amount of our clientele involving user’s with low technology literacy, a user friendly system was at the center of our interest. ”

But not only does Afroteller have a very large number users, it is also spread all over the country with it’s various agents. Martin Ariecho is an agents supervisor at Afroteller. For him, it was clear that the solution had to robust and scalable .

“Afroteller is a large global organization with enormous capacity to reach various countries and new markets. In order to reach all these markets, what better way to do it than having a scalable on demand cloud solution”

Afroteller intended to receive and disburse payments using the popular mobile money payment method. This included for loan repayments, investor deposits and payments to borrowers and investors.


Othware constitutes of a team of engineers with different expertise including cloud, software development and user interface design. We developed a Mobile application (IOS and Android), Web application, USSD platform and Management Console for Afroteller Limited.

The mobile money and SMS APIs were integrated into the Afroteller system to deliver payments and send SMS respectively.

The system was hosted on a scalable cloud platform. It was developed with the best user experience including speed and ease of use.


The system was much appreciated by Afroteller that continues to make immense strides in its operations. Othware continues to support Afroteller in all its technical technology aspects.