Security Link Limited is one of the pioneer labor exporting companies in Uganda. With the increasing demand for it’s services came several challenges including and not limited to an increased less productive workforce, lots of paper work, delayed applicants processing time, absence of sufficient metrics to monitor performance and appraise staff. A management information system was needed to organize operations in the company.

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As the Head of IT at Security Link, Norman Nathan was tasked with finding the best software vending company to design and implement the management information system.

“Operations at Security Link are so disjointed. The company is need of a coordinated, efficient and effective solution for its daily operations. This should be inform of a cloud based Management Information System.”

Security Link constituted of  23 full-time staff and 4 part-time staff. Each staff operated there own excel sheet in there day to day operations. It was common for applicants to be occasionally forgotten in the recruitment process in addition to delayed average processing time of an applicant. Staff performance was non-quantifiable.

The company has over 106 country wide agents. It was in the interest of the company that this agents are able to remotely register applicants without commuting to it’s head office. From the centralized database, staff are able to view and perform actions on applicants registered by agents.

Security Link is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. Their operations involve several supplier, applicants collections and various daily expenses and income. A central accounts module was thus important. The company needed their various suppliers of medical tests and training to remotely access and update applicants relevant data with limited access rights.

“Is there a way we can know the applicants we have paid for passports and those we haven’t paid for?” wondered Abraham one of the company directors. One of the operational issues was the much dreaded paper work that led to various double payments of applicants documents processing. Various file cabinets were already filling. It was in the interest of the company to save on paper costs and space.


Othware was so committed to the implementation of the MIS with all data rights and privacy retained by Security Link Limited. The system uses a central scalable database solution.  The online web based system was deployed on the cloud with multiple security layers including SSL encryption, captcha, anti-brute force attack and other internal system dynamics. The system has various access rights tied to the roles of the various users.

The system has multiple notification mechanisms including emails and SMS. The company IT staff was thoroughly trained on management of the system and its user. A general staff training was as well conducted on the use the system.

The system allows for the importation and exportation of data via excel CSV formats. All previous company data was thus instantly imported in to the system


The company staff was overwhelmed by the various features in the system that greatly simplified their previous operations.

“I didn’t know that we could all be able to collaborate and work together on an applicants data” exclaimed Maureen one of the company’s Documents Management officers.

All staff operations were daily and monthly logged to ensure maximum output in their operations. Company operations, financial and marketing data was now easily accessible to the directors, managers and other company staff from anywhere online. The company was able to save more money from its original printing costs, double passports payments, staff field transportation, fraudulent agent payments among others.

Company staff operations were restructured and more coordination was achieved which led to an enormous increase in productivity.