External Labor Recruitment Management Information System: The new dawn for recruiters

Uganda possess one of the youngest population in the world with an average age of 17 years. The country’s demography is generally promising for an optimistic economic growth. Despite of the good demography, more and more Ugandans are desperate for work in an economy that can only accommodate a small percentage of the population. This has led to a surge in the labor externalization to the gulf states of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan among others. Several bilateral government agreements have been signed with some of this gulf countries.

Uganda has been one of the hardest hit economies by the covid-19 pandemic. Poverty levels have steeply grown in different parts of the country. Due to the pandemic scourge, it’s now a certainty that labor externalization in Uganda will steeply grow as it was observed shortly after the country’s 2020 lockdown season. It can be estimated that companies that used to export a few hundred workers shall be exporting thousands of workers after the pandemic.

Success belongs to those who are organized. Building capacity among labor externalization companies is very important at this point. A shift from the rudimentary manual approach to the use of cloud data management information systems in processing and recruiting candidates is very essential for organised operations.

At Othware Limited, we have dedicated a vast amount of our expertise and experience to the development of xLabor MIS, an external labor management information system sometimes called the Labor export management information system in Uganda. We are sufficiently sure to say xLabor MIS is the best in its domain of labor externalization systems with a complete automation of all the tasks related to candidates recruitment processes. The system is developed to ensure you maximally utilize your staff’s productivity, access your data anywhere and monitor operations remotely.

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