Global Taxation Services Limited offers a wide range of taxation services to a wide range of multinational and local clients across all industry sectors in Uganda. The company is comprised of a competent team of tax experts who posses a deep understanding of tax issues.

GTS required a highly dynamic and supportive IT company to offer Web Hosting, Cloud Solutions and Managed IT services.

Global Taxation Services
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GTS operates with an average of 13 full-time staff. All the company staff posses multiple electronic gadgets including laptops, desktops and mobile phones for their daily operations.

The company staff move to the field at anytime of the day. Each staff managed their own section of data. Connectivity and access to data in the field was often so challenging especially where collaboration was required. When a staff left, it was always a challenge recovering the data they had been working on theirs gadgets.

Breakdown, maintenance and updates of the company gadgets often posed another challenge as this required looking for an available freelance IT support to fix the issue which often took a couple of days. In an environment where connectivity and collaboration is important, such IT issues cause serious operational challenges and bottle necks. The company occasionally faced severe challenges of virus attacks on its devices.

The company previously had a website and email host. Due to the unreliability of the web host, work emails were usually on and off, forcing the staff to completely abandon the use of business mails.

The company further required an IT consultant to advice on its various related purchases and solutions.


When Othware was called with these multiple solutions, Tony an Othware Support Engineer quickly visited the client for a detailed audit.

To ensure access to data everywhere, a scalable PAAS storage cloud solution was implemented for the GTS. This allowed for the company to minimize costs of running highly expensive local file server.

The company hosting was moved to HostCyclop a reliable hosting Othware brand. This ensured the reliable use of the company business mail.

Othware further entered into a Managed IT agreement with GTS, where by it supports and provides all necessary IT solutions, support and consultancy to the company on instant response mechanism.


GTS currently enjoys an affordable great Managed IT service contract with Othware. Work collaboration, access to data everywhere and connectivity has further been eased for the tax agent due to the cloud services. The reliable website hosting has also ensured the full-time use of the company’s business mail.