Exceed Institute of Safety, Management & Technology (EISMAT) is the first, leading and only institute in Uganda offering Occupational health and safety. The Institute is a key regional player in Environment, health and safety consulting and advisory services bridges gaps between the management approaches and the actual implementation plans in Environment, health and safety through Education, training, research, community engagement and Innovations.

The Institute required a modern interactive website for its operations, a key tool for its enrollment and registration of applicants.

EISMAT Institute
Client Industry:
Safety and Occupational Health
Services Offered:
Website Development and IT Consultancy
Client Website:


Wyclif one of the Institute directors was tasked with finding the best company to execute the task. As a previous client of Othware, Cliff quickly recommended us for the Job. At Othware we believe in fast delivery, robust solutions and greater value for money to our clients.

The Institute serves several students in the different parts of the country. It offers its services in Kampala and Arua. It was required that the website allows applicants from any part of the country to apply for courses and accordingly pay for any related fees.

The institute offers other services including Consultancy and selling of PPE equipment to its clients. All the mentioned services had to be detailed on the website.

“Is there a way I can post articles on the website?” inquired Vivienne the Institute principal. We further noted that the Institute needed to manage all the web content on their own.


A mobile friendly fast loading website solutions was developed for the institute. An eCommerce shop was setup on the website for selling of PPE equipment.

All the courses offered by the institute and the related services had to be detailed on the website.

All related graphics supplied by the client were perfectly edited to fit on the website.

A detailed student application form was developed and connected to the email of the Institute.

The institute website was hosted at HostCyclop

A blog section was thus primarily vary important for the client.


The institute has since stopped receiving physical applications at it’s premises and shifted all application processes online. The website has further provided a contact point of communication and feedback between the students and the institute.

The website developed for the Institute was perfectly inline with the requirements supplied by the client to Othware.