Bronia Institute of Technology serves as a global learning centre for students all over the world in need of building a career in the vast fast growing technology industry. Bronia Institute train learners with highly demanded job market skills in the diploma and certificate study programmes in Computer science, cyber security, software engineering, Information technology, business computing among others.

The Institute required a high quality responsive website and an E-Learning platform for its operations and applicant registration.

Bronia Institute of Technology
Client Industry:
Information Technology Training
Services Offered:
Website Design and Software Development
Client Website:


Bridget on of the institute directors had worked with Othware for a couple of software development and website design services and IT consultancy.

Bridget independently wanted to find the best agency to deliver the solutions needed by the Institute as the solutions required were central to the business operations of the institute. At Othware we have the expertise, resources and experience required to deliver highly reliable and secure cost effective technology platform for enterprises such as Bronia Institute of technology.

The Institute serves several students in the different countries, including Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya who participate in online classes live and recorded sessions. It was important that the website allows applicants internationally to apply for courses and accordingly pay for any related fees. The E-Learning platform was required to cater for live and recorded classes to enable flexibility in students learning.

Othware would manage the website for the institute under a medium term contract, while the E-Learning platform was to be managed by the institute administrator.


A mobile friendly fast loading website was developed for the institute using the WordPress content management system (CMS).

All the courses offered by the institute and the related services had to be detailed on the website.

Moodle Learning platform and BigBlueButton (live and recorded classes) were used to implement the E-Learning solutions required by the institute.

All graphics works we done by the Othware creative team.

A detailed student application form was developed and connected to the official emails of the Institute.

The institute website and E-Learning systems are hosted by HostCyclop


The smooth online application process has created convenience for candidates applying to join the institute. The SEO and quality website design services have increased traffic to the institute leading to more applications being received.

The E-Learning platform boosted the students learning abilities as it offers convenience for working class students to attend there classes at there best time, and this resonates with most of the students studying at the Institute.