Uganda Air Cargo is a government body that was established in the 1994 by an Act of Parliament, to “provide and operate safe, efficient, adequate, economical and properly coordinated air transport services within and outside Uganda, for cargo, passenger, chartered passenger flights, air mail services and flight training”. The company previous maintained a website that had since gone off. Othware was contracted for the development of a website and all social media accounts.

Uganda Air Cargo Corporation
Client Industry:
Air Cargo
Services Offered:
Website Development and Digital Marketing
Client Website:


Uganda Air Cargo had just received a funding boost of UGX 46.1 Billion from the government of Uganda to reinstate it’s operations. The corporation required a modern, dynamic and responsive website that perfectly reflects its image in the public domain.

It was required that the company receives some of its booking and reservations directly through the website. The website was meant to be an important source of notices and media information to the public. The website colors were intended to blend with the corporations branding.

The corporation looked up to promotions of its cargo services via various digital marketing channels including Google ads, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All the mentioned social media channels had never been set up before.


At Othware, we believe in use of the best industry tools and experts to deliver latest technologies with higher value for money to our clients. Uganda Air Cargo website was designed to be responsive, fast and interactive to the users. The website allows for reservations and bookings to be directly made to the corporation.

The corporation fully manages the update of its blog and media through a dedicated administration panel.


All information about the corporation was fully represented on the website. The corporation fully realized its need for the website after it was handed over to its IT team. The various social media channels coupled with the website have enabled the direct online marketing of the corporations services through Facebook and Google Ads.